Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Painting Winter War Finns - part 1

As I said in another post I backed the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter
I picked up the first part of the pledge at Vapnartak & started cleaning them up a week or two ago. It took me a whole evening to clean the up (4 hours!!). All the figures that are running on one ankle have been cut & pinned (just to be on the safe side!)
They are, I think, a product of their own success. By this I mean that they had quite a bit of flash & miscasting due to the speed & sheer volume of miniatures needed to fulfil the pledges.
Overall I would rate the figures at a 7 out of 10 for historical miniatures, which I think is more than OK, especially when taking into account the Kickstarter deal.

Right now for the painting.

I have undercoated all the figures with grey car primer rather than black as on the test figure.
I have then painted Valejo panzer aces splinter cam as a basecoat, followed by winter tanker White & stencil as shown on the figures in the picture below (in the same order) figure 3 has also been edged in CDA panzer grey ready to have the equipment & face painted
I will try & get some more done in the next week or so, but life is getting in the way of painting.

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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing the tip of using a grey undercoat!

    Kind regards