Saturday, 15 February 2014

Canon de 105 mle 1913

I picked this Canon de 105 mle from Bob Emmerson of Mad Bob Miniatures for use with the Winter War Finns from the Winter War Kickstarter from Baker Company.

Its all cast in resin with a detailed instruction leaflet (which is more than some of the bigger manufacturers can manage)
It came as a very clean casting with very little clean up required apart from a little bit in the spokes.
Its a fantastic medium Howitzer that I can't find any faults with (& the spade actually moves as well!!) well worth £8.
I will post up a painting guide to the Baker Coy. finn latter this week as I have just started painting them.


  1. An instruction leaflet is a great idea!

  2. Not that its really needed Matt as its an easy build, it just makes a really nice touch I thought. It would be great for a WW1 French army & he has just released a 155 Howitzer.