Friday, 21 November 2014

Home Guard Transport

Well nothing for 6 months then two posts in one day!!
Here's a 30cwt Truck from Force of Arms now produced by Warlod Games & infact,releasd today!
It's for some much needed transport for my Home Guard Army.

The Lettering and logo are home made decals,
that I drew in Autocad & printed on decal paper purchased from Ebay.


Blimey I hadn't realised that it was May when I last posted!!
Well I've not really done much since then, Life seems to be getting in the way.
I had a fantastic time at the Grand Melee & managed to win best painted army, which was nice.
I've not painted much over the last few months apart from these Empire of the Dead Figures for Adam & a truck for my Home Guard which I will try to get a picture of.
Not the best picture as my 4yr old decided to break my lamp & I still haven't managed to replace it (I was probably due a new one as it was 20yrs old!!)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Vikingr with Dane Axes

We've recently been playing Saga again 
& have signed up for the UK Grand Melee to be held at
 Firestorm Games in Cardiff on June 7th & 8th.
I thought that there would be more people going & it was touch & go for a while
whether it went ahead. but all is good & its happening so get signed up for it.

Anyway, I've never been truly happy with the Viking board,
so I thought that I would give the Jomsvikingr a go & I've really enjoyed
playing them. I like the challenge of getting the wrath built up
to get some really devastating abilities. I've found it fun to build the wrath up & make all these plans & been too dopey to realise, that when I use the abilities the wrath is decreasing all the time, so that when combat ensues there is only 1 or 2 wrath so I don't get all the attacks that I thought I would!!!

I needed some Dane axe armed Vikings & as look had it I had 5 Gripping beast figures & managed to cadge some more off Jim (who has a great new Blog) so I now have a unit of 6 Hirdmen (Jomsvikings) with Dane Axes.

Here's a picture, I'm not too sure about the one with Blond hair though,
I think he looks a bit too much like Richard Branson!!

Anyway hope you like them.
Cheers Keith

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Side tracked!!

Well I seem to have got a bit side tracked from painting the Winter War Finns!
Since the last post & the promise of an update to the painting guide I've not even looked at them!!
Instead I have been painting some other bits & peices for Saga & For the Home Guard.
First of all for Saga I have done a Baggage Marker using some Gripping Beast Pigs & a Black Tree peasant on a base done by James at Oshiro Model Terrain (more of these later)

In fact if I remember correctly I got the pigs of James over on LAF too!
Any way they are painted with Valejo Red Leather, Orange Brown & some of the Rust colours from the Panzer Aces range.
I've also painted a Victorian Warehouse From Oshiro Model Terrain. Which is a fantastic little kit that comes pre-undercoated flat packed with seperate doors & windows, a floor, roof Girders & a sheet of card with the roof tiles pre-cut.
Any way on to the pictures, I've put a foundry Home Guard Figure for scal on the first picture

I've used various manufacturers paints on this, I started with a cream colour to paint the mortar then sponged various shades a Brown/Red Brown over this for the brickwork followed by a wash of a slightly paler cream with i carefully wiped back off with a damp paper towel. The roof is just sponged & drybrushed with various greys then washed in Brown & green.
Finally here's a Dum Dum Dugan to go with the Cap figure.
I painted this a while ago but haven't got round to photographing it till now

I don't know when I will get back to the Finns as I have a Empire of the Dead Commision to paint & I've started a truck for the Home Guard  that I want to Finish


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Painting Winter War Finns - part 1

As I said in another post I backed the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter
I picked up the first part of the pledge at Vapnartak & started cleaning them up a week or two ago. It took me a whole evening to clean the up (4 hours!!). All the figures that are running on one ankle have been cut & pinned (just to be on the safe side!)
They are, I think, a product of their own success. By this I mean that they had quite a bit of flash & miscasting due to the speed & sheer volume of miniatures needed to fulfil the pledges.
Overall I would rate the figures at a 7 out of 10 for historical miniatures, which I think is more than OK, especially when taking into account the Kickstarter deal.

Right now for the painting.

I have undercoated all the figures with grey car primer rather than black as on the test figure.
I have then painted Valejo panzer aces splinter cam as a basecoat, followed by winter tanker White & stencil as shown on the figures in the picture below (in the same order) figure 3 has also been edged in CDA panzer grey ready to have the equipment & face painted
I will try & get some more done in the next week or so, but life is getting in the way of painting.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Canon de 105 mle 1913

I picked this Canon de 105 mle from Bob Emmerson of Mad Bob Miniatures for use with the Winter War Finns from the Winter War Kickstarter from Baker Company.

Its all cast in resin with a detailed instruction leaflet (which is more than some of the bigger manufacturers can manage)
It came as a very clean casting with very little clean up required apart from a little bit in the spokes.
Its a fantastic medium Howitzer that I can't find any faults with (& the spade actually moves as well!!) well worth £8.
I will post up a painting guide to the Baker Coy. finn latter this week as I have just started painting them.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Ainsty Broken Robot

My 6 year old son, Tom, has just finished this Ainsty Broken Robot.
I helped him with some bits & we talked through what to do & why, but 80% of the work is his.

I must say i'm impressed with the result. Just need to get him painting armies!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hasselfree Palin

Finally is a Hasselfree Zombie Hunter that I have painted for my youngest, I don't know the manufacturer of the base though as I picked it up on LAF.

All the pictures have a bit of shine as the weather isn't good enough to spray some Dulcote

New Fatigue Marker

Secondly is a fatigue maker for new Saga that had been started so i thought I'd better finish it!!


Fallschirmjager Mortar

Well I've had a very productive weekend.
First up is a West Wind Berlin or Bust Fallschirmjager Mortar that I bought at the turn of the century!! I started a few weeks ago but never really got anywhere with it.
This was bought to go with the foundry Fallschirmjager & size wise fits really well.
The Boxes & Sandbags are from The Assault Group (TAG)

I will add this to my Early War Foundry Fallschirmjager to be used in Bolt Action against the Home Guard.