Monday, 11 November 2019

Darkroot plant for RoSD

I needed a Darkroot Plant for Rangers of Shadow Deep & I really couldn’t be bothered to scratch build one, so I had a look about & found some evil plants in the Alternative Armies 15mm ranges & thought that they would be suitable.

The Darkroot has a main body & vines that come up through the ground to attack your rangers or civilians.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


I’ve recently painted an old Grenadier miniatures Future Warrior figure as a swap for a demon thing that I will use in RoSD. I’ve had this figure kicking about for about 25 years! It was nice ti finally get it painted 😁.
When I started thinking about what colours to paint him, I thought that his baseball cap looked very similar to Pokemon one that my youngest has, so I decided to paint him as if Ash from the cartoon had grown up into a post apocalyptic world
I made to Poké ball from a pin with a large plastic head & painted it up to resemble one.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep The Blood Moon Scenario Special Characters

For The Blood Moon Scenario, for Rangers of Shadow Deep, you need 4 special characters that act as auxiliary companions in your Ranger Company.

This was a great excuse to paint up some random fantasy figures that I’ve got, one of them was probably started about 20 years ago 😳

First up is a figure to represent Nicolan, the 5th son of an aristocratic family.
This is an old Warhammer Quest Noble, this is the figure that was started a long time ago!

Next is Covin, an old soldier, he”s supposed to only have light armour & be missing some fingers, but I love this figure & didn’t have one without a shield. This figure is from the now defunct Lewis Collins Miniatures, now available from Ye Alchemist.

Next up is Seb, a former Lumberjack. Described as A large hulking dishevelled man.
This is another cracking figure, which is a unreleased miniature & given to me by Rumcara over on LAF. 

Finally is Orla, a young red haired Hunter.
This is one of the fantastic a plastic Female Frostgrave Soldiers


Friday, 4 October 2019

Monday, 30 September 2019

Daleks & UNIT for sale on Ebay

A Quick Advert for Some Dr Who Miniatures on Ebay
Dalek Command

Dalek Patrol

Brigadier & UNIT Troopers

Sgt Benton & UNIT Troopers


Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Big Photo Dump Of Stuff

I've Been a bit lapse lately updating the blog. Here's a photo dump of the stuff I've been doing for Rangers of Shadow Deep & Saga Age of Magic

 Werewolves from Bears Head Miniatures & West Wind Productions
 Bears Head

 West Wind

 Dwarf Va'Dur From Heresy Miniatures

 Mountain Troll from Vendel Miniatures

 Bandaged Head Monster from 4A miniature's
 Big Zombies from 4A

 CP Models Stone Trolls

 Home made Worm thing
 Civilians - Girl from Hasslefree, Pie Eater Partizan Freebie & Boy from Mirliton

Praying Knight from Hasslefree & Camp guy Unknown

 Reaper Vulture

 Blacktree Design
 Blacktree Design

Sunday, 21 July 2019


I’ve made a Giant Worm thing foe Rangers of Shadow Deep. I’m way too tight to buy one, just to use in a couple of scenarios

I started off by making an armature from a couple of paper clips twisted together just to give it some strength, then mixed up some good old Milliput and rolled it out into a long sausage & wound it round the frame. I then stated making various lines on it with clay shapers & a home made sculpting tool, I roughed out the maw at the same time. This was left overnight to dry and i added the tendrils/teeth in the morning with green stuff & made the base from slate chippings.

I think it came out Ok. So I will find some paint at it & see what it looks like.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Another Clyde Barrow Miniature

Well I decided to paint another Clyde Barrow Partizan Miniature, this one is a gif though. 
When I get a break in the weather I will varnish him & put it on a clear base. 
I still have one of these figures left so I’m thinking that I might try and cut the shotgun off & swap it out for a BAR as this was his weapon of choice. 

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Finally Bonnie Parker Partizan Show Freebie Miniature

 I finally managed to get hold of the Bonnie Parker Partizan Miniature (Thank you Lawrence) 
It’s a cracking figure............... but not a great Bonnie 😞
I really wish she’d been sculpted wearing her famous “sweater dress”  as in the picture below 

The next thing is she’s very tall compared to Clyde, she was petite & only 4’11” tall in real life, the miniature is much bigger than Clyde!!

Anyway I despite my disappointment, I still really like the figure. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep Ranger & Companions

It’s only just dawned on me that I posted up a little battle report of Rangers of Shadowdeep
& hadn't actually posted the pictures of my Ranger & his companions yet.

The Ranger is from Reaper Miniatures, based on a piece of bark.

The Archer & Pavesier are from The Front Rank 100yrs War Range, Halberdier is from Black Tree Designs fantasy range & the Hobbit is from Alternative Armies, originally painted for Flintloque. 

The Monk is a Trent Miniatures Friar Tuck, the Hound is an old Dark Elf Warhound from Marauder Miniatures & The Rogue is a multi part plastic Empire Miniature from Citadel.