Sunday, 15 January 2017

Warlord update

Got a chance to do a bit more this morning. 
I've painted the leather work & iron metalwork, 
along with a basecoat for the woodwork on the shield & the the tooth necklace. 

Gripping Beast Warlord

I've started paint the Saga Grand Melee free Warlord miniature from gripping beast & I thought that I would share a WIP

He's a great little figure of a portly Scot/Pict not really sure what he's supposed to be, but I do like him. 
Obviously I didn't get to paint the jeep. I got some green on it and got fed up 🙄

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

ETO SAS Jeep for Bolt Action

I've just been converting a SAS Dessert jeep to a European Theatre SAS Jeep, I don't know the manufacturer of the original Jeep miniature, but the crew are Warlord Games SAS crew. 
I made the fuel tanks from some plastic box section & plastic strip, the extra rear armour plate is plasticard as well
Hopefully I will try to get it painted over Christmas 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

West wind Empire of the Dead figures

Well I've finally managed to finish these EOTD figure for Binman. 
They've taken way too long to do (Sorry Adam)
Here's the first lot with my favourite figure of the bunch, Captain Nemo.
I've just noticed that I haven't actually finished one of the figures 😱😱
The next lot has two of the Nadezhda Durova miniature, these two must be my least favourite of the bunch, they are terrible castings  & I don't like the modernised version of Victorian clothing (they wouldn't have bare midriffs!! 😡)
The figure on the end is a eureka miniature The I had & thought I would paint up & send as well

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Templates for Bolt Action 2

Just received these fantastic templates from Charlie Foxtrot Models
The HE template usually comes in a set with some other markers & in clear,
 but I contacted Colin an he was more than happy to sell it on its own and in the yellow.
The arc template, I just bought because I thought why not 😀
I think the HE template is a more pleasing design than the  "official"  Bolt Action one.
All in al Charlie Foxtrot Models  very happy with them & would recommend them to anyone wanting some templates  

Monday, 3 October 2016

U.K. Grand Melee 2016

Big Jim, Craig & myself arrived at Derby Worlds early on Saturday morning ready to compete in the UK Grand Melee & went to see Lord S. of Gripping Beast to register & receive our free figure & to find out where we would be starting. 
My first opponent was Karl with his Norse Gaels
This was The clash of Warlords scenario & a hard fought fun game, with Karl just managing to kill my Warlord & with a really close kill score.
Next up is Sam & his lovely Steppe Tribes. 
In round we played one of the special scenarios - Brewery wars, in this scenario the object was to get as many beer barrels from you opponents Brewery, needing at least 2 to win the game. It was fantastically fun game with Sam managing to get one in the first turn but My Warlord was having none of of it & promptly slaughtered the unit of Warriors & took it back.
After this neither of us managed to get near a brewery & the game ended in a draw.
For round 3 I was up against Andrew with his pesky Irish 
In this final round of the day it was the Champions of God Scenario from the C&C rulebook, which is basically kill everything, which Andrew promptly did!! With him completely wiping out my army! Another fabulous game to end a great first day. 
Game no. 4 was against Dave & his fabulously themed & modelled Norse Gaels, my personal favourite army of the weekend  
I'm really annoyed that I didn't get some better pictures of Dave's army. His warlord is an awesome conversion & all of the army is themed round a bunch of Irish Vikings on the piss. One of them even has a dartboard for a shield.
The Scenario for this game was Sacred Ground (Escalation Version). This didn't quite go to plan for Dave, with me wiping out his entire army & much to our amusement a unit of warriors taking out his warlord & most of a unit of Hearthguard! 
This was my first win & spoiler alert - one & only win.  
Game 5 was against James with his Crescent & Cross Milites Christi 
This was another special scenario called Capture the Hoarde. This entailed a hoarde marker been on a piece of terrain in the centre of the table & the idea is to grab it & keep hold of it till turn 6.
This did not go well for me, my warlord dying very early in the game, the warriors performed well again though! Another brilliant game
The final game was against another James with his Byzantines
This was clash of warlords again. 
This did not go at all to plan!! Ending in turn 2, which I thought was hilarious! I decided my warlord would lead some Hearthguard and punch through the Byzantine Warriors straight into his warlord, but oh no they bounced of the warriors! & James charged in with his cav to take out the Hearthguard & followed by the Warriors to revenge their fallen comrade and kill my Warlord. 
All in all a fantastic weekend of gaming. 6 brilliant games. Andy did a fantastic job of running the weekend (even though he was very stressed at certain points) 
The Grand Melee was deservedly won by reigning champion Andy Lyon of Ainsty Castings
& The Judges Favourite Army (best painted) was a we'll deserved win by my mate Craig Green
I came way down the board, but I went expecting to loose all the games & had said I would be happy with a draw, so I was ecstatic having a win. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

More Painted Vikings

Finally got round to photographing the latest painted Vikings for my Saga Warband. 

First up is the Footsore Converted Bors Figure

Next up is the 2014 Grand Melee Ltd Edition Viking Standard Bearer from Gripping Beast 

Another Gripping beast Ltd edition figure of Einar from the Vikings film, played by Kirk Douglas

Finally another Gripping beast figure from the Jomsviking range, I've done a weapon swap on this miniature 

I wil be going to the 2016 UK Grand Melee, so fingers crossed I will get some photos to post (but don't hold your breath 😉)

Cheers Keith

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Converted Tristan (Bors)

Just converted a Footsore miniatures Tristan figure to look more Viking than Arthurian. 
I picked him up from Joe on LAF calong with a Reaper Viking (wearing a horned helmet & I love it!)
Just need to fling some paint at him now!
Well it turns out that this miniature is actually Bors not Tristan.
 Bill Thornhill the sculpter has kindly let me know over on Facebook. 
Which I think is really rather cool. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Saga At Ragnarok

On Saturday 7th a few of us had the good fortune to go to Saga at Ragnarok hosted by York Wargames society  . A day of gaming in which we played three different scenarios specially written or slightly tweaked for the event. 
The first two were played against a single opponent, one as defender & the other as attacker. The idea was that we were all on our way to Jorvik to claim the throne. 
The first scenario against Adrian was Hastings 1066 (Sacred ground scenario, where the defenders start on the hill) with Adrian's Welsh lined up along Senlac Hill, with my Jomsvikings running up the hill to kill him!! 
A tall order against Lots of Javelin armed Welsh 🙄  Needless to say I lost that one, but I did manage to kill his Warlord & most of his Hearthguard (which was one of my special objectives) 
It was a really fun game with some atrocious dice rolling from me😂  
Next up was Stamford bridge (Battle at the ford scenario, with a pre-game battle of the Giant Viking fighting the Saxons on the bridge) where I was defending against John (who had organised the event) & his Irish.  This didn't start off to plan as the man in the barrel turned first turn & killed the Viking on the bridge which was hilarious. But after that it was all down hill for John as I made up for the terrible dice rolling in the first game & I just managed to scrape a win in the last turn. 
The final scenario took place in Dark Age Jorvik, in this all the players had a warlord and 2 points of men with the object being to kill each other's warlord to become last man standing & become King of Northumbria.
This didn't quite go to Johns plan as he had decided that you could loot buildings, which meant that they would be set on fire! Yes you guessed it, the whole of York was raised to the ground before the game ended. I tried a stupid move in this game, I'd kept out of the way & thought I could run in & finish off Adrian's new warlord, but he played a sneaky Welsh trick on me and my Warlord ended up been on his own & died very quickly. 
After this Adrian was able to get to the palace (the only building that could not be sacked) & win the day 👍👍
It was a fantastic day & I look forward to next years 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

More Viking Types & a Snow Troll

Well I've finally done some painting & getting back into gaming after real life keeps getting in the way 😡
Any way here's some Jomsvikings & a Priest from Gripping Beast, A female Viking from Bad squiddo Games & a Snow Troll from Heresy