Friday, 8 May 2020

Random Fantasy Miniatures Photo Dump

Here’s a dump of photos of Fantasy stuff that I’ve been painting for Rangers of Shadow Deep, Saga Age of Magic & just because I wanted to 😁

First up a collection of Zombies from different manufacturers, a halfling Michael Jackson impersonator (haven’t got a clue where I got this from!) then a Bad Squiddo Revenant followed by a R Squared Zombie from the Zombie Plague Kickstarter 

Next a couple of old citadel Undead Figures, a Zombie & a Ghoul

Yet More Undead, this time Two Skeletal Ogres. These are from Ral Partha Europe (I think)

Here are some superb Goblin Archers from Outlaw Miniatures

This is the fantastic Pact Devil from Bears Head Miniatures

Followed by A Heresy Miniatures Vampire and Goblinn Hero

Some Gripping Beast fantasy figures released at Halloween last year,
at the top is the Grendel & below him is a Witch

And last but no means least is this is the superb Old School Bugbear from Meridian Miniatures,
absolutely loved painting this & cant wait for the rest of the Bugbears to be delivered.  

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Boss Level

Well we completed the final scenario from The Temple of Madness- The Mirror Enduring.

I used a Old School Bugbear from Meridian Miniatures as Greviks & an Old Grenadier Miniatures Necromancer as Trekatis. We knocked up a wall of fire from some bits of mdf that I had kicking about with a super quick paint job, my youngest had said “it’s magic fire, so it needs to be blue!” 😁 & used some strips of fly mesh as the chain net. I also cut up an old CD and blue tacked it to the back of the snake headed gate thing, to create the mirror.

Only 3 of the companions managed to get through the flames without getting burnt!
Whilst attacking & killing Grevkis in close combat, Trekatis had been severely weakened by constant archery & one final charge with a critical hit finished him off for good!
Everyone managed to make it out alive, Just!
Another superb mission from Mr. McCullough

Friday, 24 April 2020

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Temple of Madness - The Pit of Ghouls

We’ve being playing The Rangers of Shadow Deep Mission, The Temple of Madness & I Keep forgetting to take photos so that I could write them up.
Anyway we played The Pit of Ghouls Scenario, which is played on 2 levels. I used the Battle Systems Terrain that I had picked up second hand over on LAF specifically to play RoSD.

Anyway my 2 boys & me set up as per the Scenario instructions on one ledge, with the intention of getting to the other ledge in one piece.

We decided to try & shoot as many Ghouls as possible from the starting ledge, then swing across with a couple of our heroes to try & open the exit door.
All didn’t go quite to plan! The shooting was appalling! Everyone who tried to swing across fell off!!
But fighting the Ghouls off the top of the ladder worked really well though!

The heroes that fell off the ropes managed to get to the other ledge & opened the door, helping all the rest of the company to get across the Pit with relative ease.
This is another superb mission book from Joseph McCullock & worth every penny.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Couple of X-Wing Repaints

We have recently got our X-Wing mojo back & I thought that as I had been given a broken  Z95 I would convert it in to a Nashta Pup for Bossk’s Houndstooth.
I first cut off the remaining laser cannon of the wing then sliced through the wings to drop them down & adding some wing tips (?). I then under slung (chin Mounted ?) the laser cannon & give it a re-paint in a reasonable colour match to the YV-666 from Fantasy Flight.

The Nashta Pup next to a standard Z-95

Next up is a HWK-290 which I painted a couple of years ago. 

I had originally intended this to be a black ship (Black Hawk) but I don’t know what happened during the painting as it ended up dark grey? But I was really pleased with the result in the end so I just left it.  

Sunday, 15 March 2020

More Limited Edition Flintloque Miniatures

Well I had some more half started Ltd Edition Flintloque Miniatures, so as I’d enjoyed painting the Scooby Doom & Raggy so much I thought that I might as well paint some more 😁

I had the two unnamed Dark Elf figures from the LE005 La Spiga set & Piktan from the LE003 Orc Officers set as the others in these sets had already been painted years ago & sold off recently I just painted them up roughly in the same style & colours that they would match just in case they were sold to the same purchaser.

I did really enjoy painting these but

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Whilst re-photographing the Flintloque miniatures to sell on eBay I came across the Ltd Edition Scooby Doom & Raggy that I had started to paint, probably last century!
These miniatures are supposedly, sought after!
So I thought I might as well finish them & sell them on eBay as well.
So here's some finished pictures