Saturday, 29 March 2014

Side tracked!!

Well I seem to have got a bit side tracked from painting the Winter War Finns!
Since the last post & the promise of an update to the painting guide I've not even looked at them!!
Instead I have been painting some other bits & peices for Saga & For the Home Guard.
First of all for Saga I have done a Baggage Marker using some Gripping Beast Pigs & a Black Tree peasant on a base done by James at Oshiro Model Terrain (more of these later)

In fact if I remember correctly I got the pigs of James over on LAF too!
Any way they are painted with Valejo Red Leather, Orange Brown & some of the Rust colours from the Panzer Aces range.
I've also painted a Victorian Warehouse From Oshiro Model Terrain. Which is a fantastic little kit that comes pre-undercoated flat packed with seperate doors & windows, a floor, roof Girders & a sheet of card with the roof tiles pre-cut.
Any way on to the pictures, I've put a foundry Home Guard Figure for scal on the first picture

I've used various manufacturers paints on this, I started with a cream colour to paint the mortar then sponged various shades a Brown/Red Brown over this for the brickwork followed by a wash of a slightly paler cream with i carefully wiped back off with a damp paper towel. The roof is just sponged & drybrushed with various greys then washed in Brown & green.
Finally here's a Dum Dum Dugan to go with the Cap figure.
I painted this a while ago but haven't got round to photographing it till now

I don't know when I will get back to the Finns as I have a Empire of the Dead Commision to paint & I've started a truck for the Home Guard  that I want to Finish



  1. Love the baggage marker for Saga, very nice.

  2. They look great where is dum dum Dugan from?

  3. Cheers Fella's.

    The Not Dum Dum Figure is from over on LAF, search White Knights posts

  4. Very nice work with the bagage...