Monday, 3 June 2013

Partizan - PSC War Spray & a Dog!

I went to Partizan on Sunday with the kids, (where they enjoyed all the seating!!)
The Free figure is a Superb Mark Evans sculpt of Martin Schwartz, The leader of the German mercenaries at the Battle of Stoke Fields 1487.
There were some great looking games (sorry no pictures) The ones that stuck in my Mind was the James Morris & Scrivs Bolt Action Game set in Borneo, I liked the BA game with the Maus!!! & the VBCW game in the main hall.
 I picked up one of the new 'War Sprays' from The Plastic Soldier Company after hearing about them on The Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.
I chose the WW2 Infantry British Khaki & have done a comparison with the Vallejo colours to see if I was able to use these to touch up any miniatures that were sprayed with them.
Its a shame that I don't have the CDA Khaki to try that as well.

As can be seen on the picture I used a peice of off white card.
AS = PSC Army Spray
VPZ = Vallejo Panzer Aces British Tank Uniform
V = Vallejo Model Colour British Uniform
The Figure Is sprayed with AS over a Black undercoat.
On first inspection on the card the War Spray seems too bright compared the Vallejo, but the spray could, maybe, have done with another coat as the Brushed paint goes on thicker or used black card.
That's why I tried it on the Black undercoated figure (Princess Elizabeth, a Partizan Freebie, if you were wondering) Which seems to be a better match.
I don't think that they are a bad match, but I will hopefully get chance to chuck some more paint on her later this week & get a better idea.

I also picked up a dog cocking his leg from Redoubt Enterprises for the Smith Gun Base (yes back to that)

Hopefully it will look ok when painted! It looks better from certain angles than others, sometimes I think it looks like a cross between a pig & a sheep!!
Anyway I will post pictures when its painted & you can all see for yourselves.



  1. I quite like that dog! Looks kind of dog-ish from this angle:) It'll look great with the Smith Gun base!

  2. LOL amusing dog miniature indeed! Glad you had fun and the lads looked comfy :D

  3. Like the look of the sprays as I can see that saving hours of undercoating; if they just did one that would work as a base coat for my Zulus.

  4. Thanks Guys.
    Zulu Flesh isn't really a WW2 colour though Michael :-)