Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bolt Action AAR

I managed to play the first game of Bolt Action last nigh against my mate Craig.
 It was a 500pt game using my British Home Guard & German Fallschirmjäger on a 4 x 4 table round at Big Jim's.
We rolled for scenario & got Hold & Till Relieved, with the Germans attacking.
We only managed to get 4 turns in though, but here's a Bat rep
This was the initial set up
View from the British side

 View from the German side

The Home Guard drew the first couple of dice & occupied the church (the Objective) much to the Vicar & Vergers dismay, with the Fallschirmjäger Bike combi moving round on the flank & the PAK 36 going on ambush.
More of the British advanced onto the board, some on the flank to attack the Bike the rest in the cover of the building.

The Fallschirmjäger started their main advance on the Church, the Assault Engineers on one Flank & A section on the other.

The Home Guard section in the Church fired at the Assault Engineers & managed to shoot the Flamethrower!! & the other section got toasted by the Harvey Flamethrower.
While the bike & squad near the trees were at a stand off, with the Home Guard section rallying themselves & becoming regular.
The rest of the Home Guard appeared on the table & the Artillery Observer called in the
co-ordinates for the big guns & the Germans renewed there attack on the church, this time Succeeding in destroying the defenders & taking the church.

The Lieutenant & his command group assaulted the bike destroying it.
The 1st artillery barrage turned up putting pins on three sections.
The Smith Gun then took out the pak 36 with a well aimed shot.
Then there was trouble, as the artillery barrage was wildly miscalculated & landed in the right next to the advancing Home Guard giving four units pins!!!

The observer seems to have given his own co-ordinates by mistake!!
The British tried to advance on the Church, but to no avail with only the Command section & Beverette managing to pass an Order test!

We had now run out of time & the Germans declared the winners.

Overall it was a great fun game that we both enjoyed & are ready for another go.
Sorry about the poor quality of the pics as they were taken on mobiles.

Cheers, Keith


  1. Nice batrep, pics are good you can see whats going on and thats all thats needed.

  2. Nice AAR looks like a fun game was had.

  3. Good stuff Keith. Enjoyed the pics and notes.
    I keep hearing good things about Bolt Action... Gah!? Must resist!
    One of the chaps I met through Rob's W&C gaming days is a big fan and has promised me an intro game when he's next up from Cornwall. I look forward to seeing how that goes.

  4. Thanks Guys
    Come on Matt you know you want to!!