Thursday, 23 May 2013

Eccentric British Officer

Whilst doing my Home Guard Bits I've been messing about with a Warlord BA plastic figure.
I slightly repositioned the body & used a metal head wearing Tam O' Shanter hat.
I armed him with an old Basket hilt sword that I had in the Bits Box & another of the fantastic shotguns from James.
I've left the webbing ammo pouches, so that he can carry more cartrides & the etrenchig tool as you can never a have too many close combat weapons!
Anyway here's the piccies.
I've supposedly painted him as the 52nd Lowland Infantry Div.

Don't what Im going to do with him now though,
as I already have enough officers for my SAS & I'm not going to do another British Army.


  1. Awesome looking figure, the face, the painting style and the basing, all is perfect!

  2. Stunning York. I especially like the facial expression of your lad.

  3. Fantastic work on the eccentric officer. He's really terrific. The basket-hilted broadsword is perfect. I love the shotgun on the other chap as well!