Wednesday, 19 June 2013

War Spray Painted Pin Markers & Sticky Bombers

Finally finished the Pin Markers that I basecoated with the PSC War Spray.
I personaly found that it works better on the Black undercoated figure,
 as opposed to the white ones.
I used the Vallejo brown wash first then, used Vallejo British Uniform as a first highlight & finally a highlight of British Uniform & Khaki mix, for both figures.
Overall I was happy with the War Spray, It would be nice to have a bottle of touch up paint to go with it though.

Here's a top view of the guy's playing Dominos, these were made from some Kneeling Warlord games plastic Brits & some other bits & pieces that I had kicking about.
The Dials, I think are from Warbases that I picked up at Partizan. I thought that these woud be easier than the Clix bases.

Here's a couple of Home Guard that I have armed with Sticky Bombs.


  1. Brilliant love the Dial and its little diorama great job

  2. Absolutely top quality! Inspirational work Keith.

  3. The chaps playing Dominos are so good! So much lovely detail.

    Well done indeed.