Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Smith Gun Cat?

Right after mentioning the footpath area that I wasn't happy with
there was a suggestion of a putting a cat there & I happened to have an old Grenadier miniatures cat, so I though that I would have a go at it.
Well.....here's the result....

I'm really not sure about this.
Whether it's my crap painting,
the actual sculpt or just the colours that I've painted!!
Please let me know your thought Guys.

I know that black cat bases do a post box so I've just been messing about & done this:

Which might work better otherwise Matt gets the prize & a newspaper it is :-)


  1. That's great!

    It's like Bagpuss.

    How about a tardis?



  2. I do beleive that you are been frivolous sir.

    Anyway I have Tardis & its too big ;-)

  3. I quite like the cat....although it does look slightly like a fox! I like the post box as well. Decisions, decisions.....possibly a slight preference for the cat!

  4. The cat is delightful, but does he need a mouse in the gutter to hunt?

  5. Nice job on the cat especially because of its size! Its tiny!

  6. Nice job on the painting btw, but how about some street litter? or a couple newspaper pages?

  7. I would go for the post box and use the cat for something else. Mutton Chops also make a post box and it is on the empress website. I have just checked and the Black Cat Bases one has ER on it. Mutton chops has no monogram, so you can always sculpt on a GR if you want to be 100% accurate.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Rob I just assumed it GR on it.

  8. Thnks Guys, I will put this on hold I think for a while & get on with the rest of the stuff