Thursday, 18 April 2013

Smith Gun Finished

Here's the finished Smith Gun & crew on the Base,
The gun looks a bit small to me, but as I've never seen one in the flesh, I'm not too sure.
Anyway here's the Pictures:

I'm undecided whether it needs something added to the corner of the 
footpath as it seems a bit bare.


  1. Looking very good indeed as it is, Keith. But if you think it needs more, how about a metal dustbin to the side of the wall? Not that the Smith Gun looks at all like a slightly more menacing version of Dusty Bin - no, Sir, not at all!! It's formidable....most formidable...:)

  2. Superb work Keith!

    I'd never even heard of a Smith gun?

    I think the base could do with something extra in that area. Perhaps a discarded newspaper?

    Good work.


  3. Thanks Guys.
    Newspaper is a good idea Matt.