Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Home Guard with shotguns WIP

Leaving the saga of the cat alone for a while, I decided to get on with adding shotguns to some Foundry figures, by chopping of the rifles & adding abit of greenstuff where needed.
I'm happy with these so here's the first three:

Just need to do another 3 or 4 & an Officer.
The shotguns are from James (Lord of Jerwood)
 over on LAF made for him by Ian Mountian.
Here's the link for anyone wanting any:


  1. Keith, those look really excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing how those come out. Thanks also for the link to the shotguns - very useful!

  2. Cheers Sidney - your welcome, they are very nice.

  3. Great stuff! I have some of those shotties which I'm hoping to glue somewhere soon!

  4. Cheers Guys, I did 3 more last night, but I wont post em till i've flung some paint on them