Wednesday, 10 January 2018

750pts For Konflikt 47

Just finished 750pts for the Weird War 2 game Konflikt 47

I had already painted the HQ figures & the Infantry Figures are Warlord Games plastic infantry, with TAG metal rifles instead of the plastic ones. I don't think that the painting is as good as I normally do, as I wanted to actually be able play a game before next year!!!!

The AT rifle is the one that I have previously posted
These WWW2 figures are from the Warlord K47 range Automated Infantry with MMG's.
The Automated Infantry are a pain to put together but worth it, I think they are my favourite models

Next up is a squad of Galahad Armoured Infantry all armed with LMG'S

Next is my version of a Guardian Light Walker.
I'm too tight to buy an official one, especially when I have some 1:35 scale Melusine MaK suits that would do the job. All I had to do was add a 50cal HMG another MMG on the right arm & cobbled together a flame thrower out of 40k weapons for the left arm & add a light from an old Ork dreadnought, some old Ork shoulder pads & a Visor/Window from a bit of plasticard.

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