Wednesday, 10 January 2018

750pts For Konflikt 47

Just finished 750pts for the Weird War 2 game Konflikt 47

I had already painted the HQ figures & the Infantry Figures are Warlord Games plastic infantry, with TAG metal rifles instead of the plastic ones. I don't think that the painting is as good as I normally do, as I wanted to actually be able play a game before next year!!!!

The AT rifle is the one that I have previously posted
These WWW2 figures are from the Warlord K47 range Automated Infantry with MMG's.
The Automated Infantry are a pain to put together but worth it, I think they are my favourite models

Next up is a squad of Galahad Armoured Infantry all armed with LMG'S

Next is my version of a Guardian Light Walker.
I'm too tight to buy an official one, especially when I have some 1:35 scale Melusine MaK suits that would do the job. All I had to do was add a 50cal HMG another MMG on the right arm & cobbled together a flame thrower out of 40k weapons for the left arm & add a light from an old Ork dreadnought, some old Ork shoulder pads & a Visor/Window from a bit of plasticard.


  1. All looking good. I do like the Heavy Infantry with the MKII Helmets. Which for me is the Tommies Iconic helmet. (Probably from far to many Commando comics!)

  2. Very nice job, love the MG vignette...