Sunday, 14 January 2018

Another New Pin Marker

Just finished making a new pin marker for K47/Bolt Action.
Its supposed to represent a REME Engineer,
holding (swinging) an adjustable spanner made from plasticard.
The figure is a plastic British inafantryman with all the webbing removes & a Warlord Games metal 
SAS head wearing a beret & goggles. 
I made most of the tools from plasticard & bits of brass rod.

The screw driver was made from plastic coated wire & the tool box is plastic box section.
The wooden box is a resin cast that I had, I don’t know the manufacturer though.
I also added a spare upper arm section from a K47 British Atomaton, if I can find a suitably small bolt I will add that, somewhere, to the base as well
I think that the only thing that is really missing is a mug o tea 😁

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