Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Great War British HMG Rust wip (Part 2)

Here's the finished picture of the rusted wrinkly tin.

I used the pigments to add some texture to the rusted areas,
I used Mig Productions Rust & added beach sand to lighten it for highlights,
these were mixed with car screen wash & dabbed on as appropriate
the when dry I rubbed of the pigment with an old brush if there was too much on.
I used mig pigment fixer was than used (surprisingly) to fix the pigment in place!
This is basically how I do rust,
whether its the same way as others do it I don't know.
It's the best way that I've found up to press, but things might change.


  1. I've not tried the MIG pigments, but having seen these excellent results I'll be tempted to pick some up.

    1. I've been happy with them, i got one of the Forgeworld ones & that seems ok too.

  2. Fantastic Keith. That looks really good. I particularly like the part where the metal has been torn or shredded. Can you please give us the low-down on using car screen wash - that's a new one for me, but I'd love to know the thinking behind that (and it clearly works). Something about accelerated evaporation times?? Thanks again - it looks really splendid.

    1. Cheers. I use screen wash as a flow aid when thinning paints & making washes. I have used thinners in the past, but the last time I used pigments I had run out so just used the screen wash instead of water & I thought that it worked as it seems to evaporate quicker than water, but not as quick as thinners, so thee's slightly more working time, well so more of a happy accident than anything else.

  3. Brilliant explanation Keith. It's certainly a bit more involved than the 'splodge of orange paint and a bit of wash' that I was hoping for ;o)



  4. Thanks fella's.

    Sorry Matt, I wish it was just 'splodge of orange paint and a bit of wash' it would be a lot easier, to be honest though you could get away with missing half of the layers that I do & get a similar effect.

    I've finished putting the figures on the base & hiding the joins tonight so should have the finished pictures next week.