Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Great War British HMG Rust wip

Right here's a quick walkthrough of how i do rust
Heres the main colours that i use, Raw umber (very dark brown), Black & three rust shades as well as various shades inks & washes in brown, red, orange & green.
I start by mixing black & Raw Umber & paint an area that i want rusty, then highlight with Pure raw umber. I will then use a sponge & lightly sponge some extra patches of rust onto the model, these i may add another highlight to with a brush, but i tend to leave them..

Then carry on highlighting mixing the other colours in

Till the desired effect is reached

Then add various washes & glazes to blend in the rust.
The next stage will be the weathering powders.
Hope this helps so far.


  1. Thanks Keith. That looks a really good way of doing rust - it looks pretty excellent by itself, even without the weathering powder. So I'm very interested in seeing what comes next!

  2. Cheers Guys,
    I hope it helps everyone & if someone comes up with a better method please share it