Friday, 6 January 2012

Great War British Artillery Crew wip part 2

I've finished the flesh with the foundry set.
 I still wasn't happy with it before the last two highlights were done, so I gave the flesh a wash with a mixture green & brown to tone it down a bit & I’m much happier with it.
I think in future I will add a touch of green grey to the paint.

The eyes were painted in dark brown, white and a dark brown pupil.
I usually use a darker brown but thought I would try a slightly different colour which I think works better. A wash of Luftwaffe uniform blue grey was also added over the chin & cheeks for a bit of 5 o'clock shadow.
At the bottom left is another Saga fatigue marker that I keep working on.
This one will be Vikingr that has over done the beer & feeling a bit sick!


  1. Crumbs! They look superb :o)

    Exactly how many layers does a 28mm figure need for flesh? As for the stubble effect - crikey!

    Lovely brushwork that us mere mortals can only aspire too.

    How did you paint the blue shirts?

    Also - why the notched base on the Vikingr?

    Well done.


  2. Cheers Matt, the blue shirts are CDA tank blue grey & field blue & citadel space wolf with an odd grey wash, hope that explains it.

    The Viking is a fatigue marker as on the ones posted earlier