Saturday, 5 October 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep The Blood Moon Scenario Special Characters

For The Blood Moon Scenario, for Rangers of Shadow Deep, you need 4 special characters that act as auxiliary companions in your Ranger Company.

This was a great excuse to paint up some random fantasy figures that I’ve got, one of them was probably started about 20 years ago 😳

First up is a figure to represent Nicolan, the 5th son of an aristocratic family.
This is an old Warhammer Quest Noble, this is the figure that was started a long time ago!

Next is Covin, an old soldier, he”s supposed to only have light armour & be missing some fingers, but I love this figure & didn’t have one without a shield. This figure is from the now defunct Lewis Collins Miniatures, now available from Ye Alchemist.

Next up is Seb, a former Lumberjack. Described as A large hulking dishevelled man.
This is another cracking figure, which is a unreleased miniature & given to me by Rumcara over on LAF. 

Finally is Orla, a young red haired Hunter.
This is one of the fantastic a plastic Female Frostgrave Soldiers