Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sherman Troop

Ive finally finished my Troop of shermans for WW2 gaming, Bolt Action, Konflikt 47 & hopefully What a Tanker. 
They are all plastic kits from Warlord games, a Sherman M4, a Sheman V & a Sherman V “Firefly”. 
There are a few descrepancies between the older M4 kit and the newer V kits, 
but not too noticable (unless you look really hard) & adding the Commander from the V kits helps. 

Ive cocked up the  Squadron markings though 🙄
As they are supposed to be Guards Armoured & 
they put them on the hull rather than the turret ☹️
But im not changing them now 😁
Well this is my third attempt to post this, so fingers crossed it will post. 
Hope whoever is still reading my blog likes these


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