Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Masters of the Terrain marker

I'm getting a bit stalled with painting the cavalry, 
so i thought that i would make a Masters of the Terrain marker for the Picts.
In which you choose an element of terrain & until the next orders phase it is classed as hard cover
& does not slow any of your units.

I got some Animals & Birds from Warbases (more of these later)
 to use with a Hasselfree miniature that i have.
I decided to go with the Badger & an attacking Goose 
(theres not much more scary than an attacking goose!).

The Hasselfree miniature is the Dynamic Skyclad Boudi figure, i love the way Kev White sculpts female miniatures, 
She still needs some tatoos, eyes etc to be painted just to get her finished

I will add the Fauna to the base after she is completed along with some Basing