Monday, 3 October 2016

U.K. Grand Melee 2016

Big Jim, Craig & myself arrived at Derby Worlds early on Saturday morning ready to compete in the UK Grand Melee & went to see Lord S. of Gripping Beast to register & receive our free figure & to find out where we would be starting. 
My first opponent was Karl with his Norse Gaels
This was The clash of Warlords scenario & a hard fought fun game, with Karl just managing to kill my Warlord & with a really close kill score.
Next up is Sam & his lovely Steppe Tribes. 
In round we played one of the special scenarios - Brewery wars, in this scenario the object was to get as many beer barrels from you opponents Brewery, needing at least 2 to win the game. It was fantastically fun game with Sam managing to get one in the first turn but My Warlord was having none of of it & promptly slaughtered the unit of Warriors & took it back.
After this neither of us managed to get near a brewery & the game ended in a draw.
For round 3 I was up against Andrew with his pesky Irish 
In this final round of the day it was the Champions of God Scenario from the C&C rulebook, which is basically kill everything, which Andrew promptly did!! With him completely wiping out my army! Another fabulous game to end a great first day. 
Game no. 4 was against Dave & his fabulously themed & modelled Norse Gaels, my personal favourite army of the weekend  
I'm really annoyed that I didn't get some better pictures of Dave's army. His warlord is an awesome conversion & all of the army is themed round a bunch of Irish Vikings on the piss. One of them even has a dartboard for a shield.
The Scenario for this game was Sacred Ground (Escalation Version). This didn't quite go to plan for Dave, with me wiping out his entire army & much to our amusement a unit of warriors taking out his warlord & most of a unit of Hearthguard! 
This was my first win & spoiler alert - one & only win.  
Game 5 was against James with his Crescent & Cross Milites Christi 
This was another special scenario called Capture the Hoarde. This entailed a hoarde marker been on a piece of terrain in the centre of the table & the idea is to grab it & keep hold of it till turn 6.
This did not go well for me, my warlord dying very early in the game, the warriors performed well again though! Another brilliant game
The final game was against another James with his Byzantines
This was clash of warlords again. 
This did not go at all to plan!! Ending in turn 2, which I thought was hilarious! I decided my warlord would lead some Hearthguard and punch through the Byzantine Warriors straight into his warlord, but oh no they bounced of the warriors! & James charged in with his cav to take out the Hearthguard & followed by the Warriors to revenge their fallen comrade and kill my Warlord. 
All in all a fantastic weekend of gaming. 6 brilliant games. Andy did a fantastic job of running the weekend (even though he was very stressed at certain points) 
The Grand Melee was deservedly won by reigning champion Andy Lyon of Ainsty Castings
& The Judges Favourite Army (best painted) was a we'll deserved win by my mate Craig Green
I came way down the board, but I went expecting to loose all the games & had said I would be happy with a draw, so I was ecstatic having a win. 

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