Monday, 8 August 2016

Saga At Ragnarok

On Saturday 7th a few of us had the good fortune to go to Saga at Ragnarok hosted by York Wargames society  . A day of gaming in which we played three different scenarios specially written or slightly tweaked for the event. 
The first two were played against a single opponent, one as defender & the other as attacker. The idea was that we were all on our way to Jorvik to claim the throne. 
The first scenario against Adrian was Hastings 1066 (Sacred ground scenario, where the defenders start on the hill) with Adrian's Welsh lined up along Senlac Hill, with my Jomsvikings running up the hill to kill him!! 
A tall order against Lots of Javelin armed Welsh 🙄  Needless to say I lost that one, but I did manage to kill his Warlord & most of his Hearthguard (which was one of my special objectives) 
It was a really fun game with some atrocious dice rolling from me😂  
Next up was Stamford bridge (Battle at the ford scenario, with a pre-game battle of the Giant Viking fighting the Saxons on the bridge) where I was defending against John (who had organised the event) & his Irish.  This didn't start off to plan as the man in the barrel turned first turn & killed the Viking on the bridge which was hilarious. But after that it was all down hill for John as I made up for the terrible dice rolling in the first game & I just managed to scrape a win in the last turn. 
The final scenario took place in Dark Age Jorvik, in this all the players had a warlord and 2 points of men with the object being to kill each other's warlord to become last man standing & become King of Northumbria.
This didn't quite go to Johns plan as he had decided that you could loot buildings, which meant that they would be set on fire! Yes you guessed it, the whole of York was raised to the ground before the game ended. I tried a stupid move in this game, I'd kept out of the way & thought I could run in & finish off Adrian's new warlord, but he played a sneaky Welsh trick on me and my Warlord ended up been on his own & died very quickly. 
After this Adrian was able to get to the palace (the only building that could not be sacked) & win the day 👍👍
It was a fantastic day & I look forward to next years 

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