Thursday, 11 December 2014

Converted Boy Scout Runner

After reading some time ago about Home Guard Units using Boy Scouts as Runners for sections I thought that it would be nice to have a few available for my Army & as no one makes them I needed to make some! 
I have managed to get a couple of the fantastic plastic Desert Rats from the Perry's from Duncan (dijit) over on LAF & Some of the Lemon Squeezer hats directly from Perry Miniatures to have a play about with & see if I could convert them to Boy Scout Runners.
I had read all-over the net about how small these miniatures were & I thought that as they were already in shorts it would be a doddle to convert them.
Any way they aren't as small as I thought & are of a similar height to the Perry sculpted Wargames Foundry WW2 range, but they are thinner build (as in more true proportioned) so I had more to cut from the figure than I thought I would!
Below is a picture of the Prototype showing the cut points in blue.
I just cut the plastic & trimmed sections out with a hobby knife at the marked points & glued it back together using plastic-weld some of the joints have been strengthened with super glue. I added a Knecker from green stuff & the Stave is a bit of a paper clip. I trimmed round the puggaree on the hat to make it thinner like the ones on the Scout hats.
Boy Scout from the Opposite Side
Next to a Foundry Commando (Going to be part of the Auxiliary Section) to see the size difference. I think that he could pass as 15 to 17yr old.
I hadn't intended to use this one & just use it as a prototype, but I'm please with how he turned out so I think I will chuck some paint at him & see how it looks.