Friday, 24 January 2014

Warlord release Pictures of Cpl. Jones

Warlord have released a picture of Cpl. Jones from there 'Official' dads army figures.
I've been very excited about the release of these Paul Hicks Sculpted figures,

But I must say that I'm quite underwhelmed by this picture, I expected a lot more, what, I don't really know, I suppose, it should be head & shoulders better than the old Foundry one & I don't think that this does that. Whether its just the angle of the figures in the picture?
& they've painted the gaiters the wrong colour!!!


  1. He's not spindly enough, its something about the sculpt (which is good) he looks more like Wilson than Jones.

  2. Looks good to me. Can't really compare sizes without seeing the rest of the boys!

  3. I like! I will have to get these guys, enjoyed the TV show all those years ago!

  4. As figures on there own I like them, but I'm still unsure as to how well they represent the chracters they are supposed to be, I think that they njeed to be seen in the flesh or at least in bare metal.