Thursday, 19 September 2013

Winter War Test Figure

Well I've succumbed to the Winter War Kickstarter Campaign pledging for the £60 finnish platoon deal. So i thought that I'd best have a quick go at painting a white Snow uniform, I didn't have any winter troops so i used a black undercaoted Black Tree Designs Fallschirmjager figure & here's the results:

The paints that I used are behind the figure they are Vallejo panzer aces & P3 they are:
Splinter Cam base, German winter tanker white, Stencil & some final highlights of White.
Overall I'm happy with the out come, the splinter base is a very pale green & the others are just off white, I think for Characters I would Mix the Splinter Base & Winter White together for another layer. 


  1. I have succombed to this Kickstarter Campaign too and I was searching for a good mean for painting white camo suits... Your tutotial is perfect, many thanks !

  2. That's very good indeed Keith! White (or off-white) can be very tricky to get right but I think you're on to a winner there.



  3. I am going Finn also, I am about to pledge....I was looking at Italians for the Axis book for Bolt Action but this deal is too damm good to pass up and gives me a winter war army and something to play against Soviets for fun.

  4. Looks good. White I find tricky to get right your is really well done.

    1. Best thing I have found is Foundry Paints: Artic White Paint set, has some nice grey tones to white in the kit. 3 colors...base+2 highlights...been using the hell out of mine. About to have to order more. The Charocoal is another nice one.

  5. Good looking Fallschirmjäger. I was looking at the Winter War KS too but I'm unfortunately not overly excited about the sulpts.