Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Latest Bits

Well I've had a quiet few weeks with the nice weather but I'm getting back into it!

First off here's a couple of conversions of Foundry Home Guard.
I cut a shooting rifleman & the kneeling guy that comes with the telephone box in half & swapped the bodies round added a bit of GS & glued a scope on the kneeling bloke to create a Sniper & a Guradsman Holding open the Phonebox Door

I also made a scenic base fom plasticard for the sniper.

Next up is a couple of Vickers Light Tanks.
These are from Company B, but picked up a couple of extra turrets from Warlord Games & magnatised them, so that I could hve either HMG armed or Auto Cannon armed tanks

They are painted with Vallejo Reflective Green & have an Earth colour drybrush & wash in certain points, next is the pigments.

Finally I've got round to taking a picture of the dog that i got at Partizan on the Smith Gun Base

I'm still not sure about the dog though


  1. Some sensational work there, that dog is a perfect addition - I just love that piece.