Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I've finally finished my Beserkers for Saga, I got the push to do them as I'm actually able to play tonight so I thought that I'd better get them done.
Here's the picture, they are 3 Foundry figures & 1 Gripping Beast Figure (Which I think might be my favourite figure that they've produced) hope you like them.


  1. Great work Keith!

    My favourite is the GB figure with the chainmail face mask. Very scary!

    Be interested on your views on Saga. Hope you had a good game.


  2. Cheers Matt
    I love playing Saga, I think it's one of if not the best game I've ever played.

    I lost tonight, bloody Welsh :-) we had a great game very close indeed I had 19 attack dice at one point & only scored 2 wounds on Tom's warlord & I only needed 4 wounds for the win!!!!

  3. They're absolutely amazing. Love your brushwork on these fine vikings!