Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Harvey Flamethrower

After buying the new Bolt Action rules from Warlord games, I though that I
take a look at my foundry Home Guard to see what I need to paint to have an army.
Turns out that all I need to paint are some support weapons & an armoured car or a Tank!
I have most of the support weapons already from Stronghold miniatures already undercoated, I just needed a flame thrower after an intrernet search I found that the Home Guard used these:
This is a Harvey Flamethrower & of course no one makes one.
so i set about making one & here's what I've done:

Here it is with the figures that I think that I will use for the crew

I will post some more pictures when it's painted.


  1. That is brilliant; what a great bit of scratch building Sir.

  2. Very nice scratchbuild, I had never seen these before.

  3. That's fantastic mate! Look forward to seeing the finished article.



  4. Creat scratch building although it's more looking like an old vacuum cleaner than a flamethrower :-)

  5. thanks Guys, it is an odd looking thing, it makes me laugh that its official designation was 'Flame-Thrower, Transportable, No. 1 MkI'!!