Friday, 17 February 2012

Great War British HMG wip

Here's a quick picture of the figures on the proposed base
with part of a ruined building on it,

I've been cutting up a couple of sprues to make the bricks &
the wrinkly tin sheets are made from a coke can.
Whether it actually turns out anything like this when its finished, 
we'll just have to wait & see.

Should have said the Idea for the wrinkly tin Jig came from a post on
LAF by The Lazy Forger, who found it on this Italian site: Tutorial link

I used some ø2mm nails with the heads snipped of for the jig though.
 I used to use a different method of making the tin sheet but this is much simpler,
making the jig is the longest part of the whole thing!


  1. Genius idea!

    Look forward to seeing it when finished.

    BTW - is the sprue cross section perfectly square?



  2. Cheers Guys.
    Some of the sprue is, but some has a slight chamfer on it, but not enough to make it noticable especially after I've added paint & gunk to them.

  3. What a great looking piece! Looking forward to seeing the finished result.