Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Great War British Artillery Crew wip part 3

Here's the latest wip photo

Helmets & webbing on the crew have been done & the puttees started.
the uniforms on the Officers have been finished.
 I just need to tidy them up & do all the Rank markings, but I will paint the flesh first.

I think I will finish the Flesh on the Bondi next though 


  1. Lovely work again! It's rather good to see some work in progress shots too.

    When will you next be painting some Germans? Or perhaps some French?



  2. Cheers Matt.

    I won't be doing any more Germans for a while, though I've got a few more units to do to bulk out my army & a LkII light tank, A7V tank & the commanders car all to finish! French...........No i don't think so, though Rob's French are very tempting, but I still have my own BEF to paint!