Monday, 30 May 2022

Wooden Model fishing Boat kit

 I picked up a model fishing boat kit from eBay, to use in Pulp & WW2 games. These had been recomended on the Pulp Alley players group!

These kits are supposed to be 1:50, but they aren’t! They are more like 1:76, below are the ‘instructions’.

Please be aware that if you are going to purchase one of these models, they are not for the faint hearted, they take some modeling skill.

It took me a while to build, as I was quickly got fed up with the dodgy instructions. 
I had to decide what to do about the small cabin & decided to cut it down & build up the lower part to be able to place a figure inside the cabin. To hide the joins I Added vertical strips of card to look like wood planking. I also hadn’t built the full hull, leaving off the last bits of planking to form a flat base.

 I also wasn't at all sure about how the rigging of the boat should look, so I searched about on the internet & found the picture below of a small fishing trawler & used this to rig the boat similarly.
Ive added bits of card & aluminium to the mast & rigging, I've also used some small brass 'hooks' to tie the ropes too, that are from model boat kits (I picked these up over 30yrs ago! So don't have a clue what they are from anymore)

Not being happy with the waterlining that I'd done, I decided to cut some more from the hull. 

Of course I then wasn't happy & so added some an extra layer of balsa to raise the bow, finally i was happy 😃

Anyway, I eventually chucked some paint at it & the finished boat is below.

I still have to name her, I think I call her 'Nellie' after the boat in Conrads Heart of Darkness book.

Dave at Pulp Alley is also having fun building one of these & a Chinese boat as well over on his Youtube channel

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