Tuesday, 3 May 2022

The Escape - A Pulp Alley game

 Played The Escape with my oldest Lad (Fortnite was too bigger pull for my youngest 😔) 

This is part of what’s become our campaign searching for Professor Beauregard Tüx. 

The investigations of the leagues have led them from Britain to mainland Europe, but whilst investigating in Bavaria, two of the team leaders (The Spider-Man & Miss Marple) were apprehended & taken to a military detention centre, where their comrades had to break them out of prison.

Indiana Jones had escaped incarceration as he & the rest of The Princeton Special Research Team were searching for clues in the university of Budapest.   

The large red discs in some of the pictures are the perils, small yellow are the plot points & the small red ones are the Soldier spawn points.

We both managed to free our team leaders with minimal casualties (surprisingly!) 

The 3 'concrete' buidings are from Sarissa Precision.The 2 with the brick pillars are the same building, but on one of them I cut off the 'bike shed' & added the pillars to the front.

The prison cells are scratch built (see an earlier post) & I also made the guard tower.

The Generator & Control Panel are from Crooked Dice.

Sorry that the pictures are a bit muddled up

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