Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Couple of X-Wing Repaints

We have recently got our X-Wing mojo back & I thought that as I had been given a broken  Z95 I would convert it in to a Nashta Pup for Bossk’s Houndstooth.
I first cut off the remaining laser cannon of the wing then sliced through the wings to drop them down & adding some wing tips (?). I then under slung (chin Mounted ?) the laser cannon & give it a re-paint in a reasonable colour match to the YV-666 from Fantasy Flight.

The Nashta Pup next to a standard Z-95

Next up is a HWK-290 which I painted a couple of years ago. 

I had originally intended this to be a black ship (Black Hawk) but I don’t know what happened during the painting as it ended up dark grey? But I was really pleased with the result in the end so I just left it.  

Sunday, 15 March 2020

More Limited Edition Flintloque Miniatures

Well I had some more half started Ltd Edition Flintloque Miniatures, so as I’d enjoyed painting the Scooby Doom & Raggy so much I thought that I might as well paint some more 😁

I had the two unnamed Dark Elf figures from the LE005 La Spiga set & Piktan from the LE003 Orc Officers set as the others in these sets had already been painted years ago & sold off recently I just painted them up roughly in the same style & colours that they would match just in case they were sold to the same purchaser.

I did really enjoy painting these but

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Whilst re-photographing the Flintloque miniatures to sell on eBay I came across the Ltd Edition Scooby Doom & Raggy that I had started to paint, probably last century!
These miniatures are supposedly, sought after!
So I thought I might as well finish them & sell them on eBay as well.
So here's some finished pictures


Saturday, 1 February 2020

WW1 Central Powers Field Gun & Troops

I’ve been asked to paint a few Central Powers figures by one of the chaps that bought some of my WW1 Germans. So I thought that I might as well post them on here.

Monday, 27 January 2020

WW1 German Staff Car & LKII Stridswagen

While looking about in the loft at the weekend I looked through a case & found some bits that I had completely forgot that I had started.

First up was a Days of Yesteryear 1910 Benz Limousine that I had stripped, repainted & mostly put back together apart from the roof.
The driver was still to finish painting, so I thought why not finish it off.

Also was an Leichter Stridswagen (LKII) that was near enough finished.
 It maybe could do with a bit more weathering, but as I don't have a WW1 army anymore I don't think I will be bothering to do anything with it.

I think that the camera lens could need a clean though

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Gripping Beast Revenants

Came across some pictures of a unit of Gripping Beast Revenants that I had painted back in April, whilst working away from home., that I’m sure I never posted.

I bought these in the Revenants Ltd Saga box set, & always really liked them, but never seemed to be able to motivate myself to paint them. So I thought with the imminent (at the time) release of age of magic I would take them away with me & start painting them.

The only problem being, was that the light was appalling in the room that I was staying in & I had only brought a small portable light with me!
So the skin tone ended up being very blue instead of grey! They were supposed to look like the Grenadier Undead Barbarian that I had previously painted!
But anyway they are done & have been killed many times in Rangers of Shadow Deep 😂

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Saga Thorsday Painting Competition Eastern Princes Mounted Druzhina

Rog on the Saga Thorsday YouTube Channel recently ran a painting competition & I thought that it was as good  a reason as any to finally get on with some Rus Princes Druzhina, for a Eastern Princes Warband for Saga age of Crusades.
After a months frantic painting (& as luck had it I was working away on Guernsey for a week, so managed to paint every night for 5hrs or more) 

I had intended for them to have some of the fantastic shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios but they didn't arrive in time so I had to quickly paint a shield design on them before I could take the final pictures. I now have the transfers & will be adding them later (when I can be bothered!)

There were only (if I remember correctly) 6 entries in the end & I managed to win!!
The prize was some fabulous Warhansa resin 8 Rus Warriors/Militia Miniatures & a Rus Warlord.


Monday, 11 November 2019

Darkroot plant for RoSD

I needed a Darkroot Plant for Rangers of Shadow Deep & I really couldn’t be bothered to scratch build one, so I had a look about & found some evil plants in the Alternative Armies 15mm ranges & thought that they would be suitable.

The Darkroot has a main body & vines that come up through the ground to attack your rangers or civilians.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


I’ve recently painted an old Grenadier miniatures Future Warrior figure as a swap for a demon thing that I will use in RoSD. I’ve had this figure kicking about for about 25 years! It was nice ti finally get it painted 😁.
When I started thinking about what colours to paint him, I thought that his baseball cap looked very similar to Pokemon one that my youngest has, so I decided to paint him as if Ash from the cartoon had grown up into a post apocalyptic world
I made to Poké ball from a pin with a large plastic head & painted it up to resemble one.