Thursday 16 November 2023

A Pulp & Silver Bayonet photo Drop

 I seem to have let the time slip by again without posting any updates 😕

Anyway here's some more Silver Bayonet & Pulp Miniatures.

First Up are the figures for The Silver Bayonet 

Ghouls From the Silver Bayonet Range

A Quick job on a couple of Reaper Gargoyles

I touched up & Re-based The Specimen Miniature from Empire of the Dead range

A Dog-Head from the Silver Bayonet Range

Two Vyrkolakas again from the Silver Bayonet Range

Now for some Pulp Goodness, ready to play The China Station Campaign for Pulp Alley

Two North Star Figures flanking , A Copplestone Chinese Warlord Figure & an old Citadel miniature

Some North Star Railway workers

North Star Tongs

First Corps Miniatures from the follies range

More First Corps Miniatures from the follies range

Two Copplestone Back of Beyond figures

And thats it, thanks for looking

Tuesday 18 July 2023

A Few More Bits for The Silver Bayonet

 I've slowly been working on some Bad Guys for The Silver Bayonet & been very slack in posting (as usual) 

Some Gripping Beast (Front Rank, Woodbine Design) WoR Foot Knights to use as Living Armour, A Converted Archduke Charles into a Headless horseman & some Scary Scarecrows.

There's a Wild Boar? from Reaper, I think.

Some 3d printed Bat Swarms from Only Games

A CP Models Plague Doctor to use as an Occultist with the French

Some actual official miniatures from North Star, Bloodless Hounds, Revenants & Living Scarecrows

& Finally some Alternative Armies, Flintloque Orcs to use as Hobgoblins & a converted Ogre to use as a Troll (or Ogre)

Wednesday 24 May 2023

More Napoleonic Figures for The Silver Bayonet

 I’ve been slowly flinging paint at some more Napoleonic miniatures, this time not only British but a French Unit as well. 

The completed French Unit

Some more figures for my British Unit

As Usual most of the figures are a mix of Front Rank Miniatures & Perry Miniatures 

Grenadier, Rifleman & Artilleryman all from Front Rank

Scout from Galloping Major, Sailor from Perry & Infantryman from Front Rank

Guard, Artilleryman, Grenadier, Light Cavalryman, Sapper all Front Rank

Infantrymen & Officer all Perry

Monday 3 April 2023

Solo Game of The Silver Bayonet


I played a few Solo games of The Silver Bayonet while I was working away.

I have been able to get some 2d Neoprene Terrain, to make transport easier (its not as immersive as some nice 3d terrain though ☹️) 

What follows are a few photos for solo scenario 2 ‘The Ruined Chapel’

This scenario pits the Silver Bayonet unit against some revenants & a vampire whilst trying to investigate a ruined chapel (strangely enough 🤔)

Initial set up. I did forget to bring the gravestones, so the skeleton tokens are standing in 😁

The Vampire Makes an appearance

Everyone decides discretion is the better part of valor, and flees before the vampire

In the final couple of turns, poor Corporal Black can’t quite outrun the Vampire & was wounded & immediately had a seizure & collapsed. 

When he eventually returned to base, it was noted that he had gone insane & he was dispatched straight to Bedlam 

All packed ready to take back home, it all packs into 2 boxes & a mat bag

Thursday 2 March 2023

Even More Figures For The Silver Bayonet

 Finished up some more troops and a bad guy for The Silver Bayonet 

A Highlander from Front Rank, 

2 Perry Miniatures Dismounted Light Dragoons to use as Infantrymen

A Light Dragoon to either be a  Supernatural investigator/Veteran Hunter, originally a musician, I cut off his bugle & added a Blunderbus. I do like the Idea of the Musician being the Supernatural Investigator, I like them having a specific uniform & it gives a use to those bugler miniatures that come in the Light Infantry packs  

Another figure that can be either a Veteran Hunter/Supernatural Investigator, I removed the cockade from his hat before painting.  Finally a Doctor, he has a Crooked Dice scientist head & an epaulette from modelling putty. I know that he is wearing an older type of uniform, but I do like that it distinguishes him from the other officers, both these Perry Miniatures are from the Royal Navy command pack, this pack that these last 2 figures come from is such a useful pack to buy & highly recommended.

Also a Pixie originally from Bears Head now sold by Bad Squiddo Games

& Picture of  all the figures to use in the Unit 

Sunday 26 February 2023

More Figures for The Silver Bayonet

I Picked up some miniature for TSB at The Vapnartak show in York from Perry Miniatures, A British Light Infantry command pack (officers above), dismounted Dragoons & a Royal Navy command pack (still in progress ☹️),  as well some French. Annoyingly there wasn’t any Spanish Guerrillas on foot available. 

Any way here’s the rest of the painted pictures of the Light troops & all of the unit so far. The (95th Rifles officer isn't included, as to my eye he looks too small, so I wont be using him or any of the other Foundry 95th that I have) 

I also picked up some Nosferatu Vampires & Giant Wolves from Westwind Productions.

Here's the Wolves with a Bears Head Werewolf & Below a figure that I will use as a Black Dog from Ye Alchemist



Wednesday 25 January 2023

First 2 Figures for The Silver Bayonet

 I managed to pick up a second hand copy of The Silver Bayonet a few weeks ago & I have been trying my best to avoid getting sucked into this game (especially as I had sold off my Flintloque collection ☹️)

Anyway I got some Foundry 95th Rifles so I painted up the Officer to lead my force  & got given the Mary Seacole miniature that was given away at one of the Partizan shows to use as an Ocultist  

I was also give some British Line Infantry, but they will need a repaint  

Saturday 31 December 2022


 I picked up some terrain for my Christmas game from Poundland (a UK company) these stared out at £1 each then down to 2 for a £1 &  now at 25p each!

I got some little Elf houses, a Tree, a Sleigh, a chair & bench (these are both a bit big though)

I’ve quickly repainted most of the bits except for the bench & added bases to some of them. 

The figures are a Workshop Elf from Killer B Games & The Pulp Santa from Artizan. 

I also picked up some icicle & candy cane tree decorations from Yorkshire Trading. 

I broke up the icicles and based them to make scatter pieces & stuck the candy canes upright to make “Realm Gates” & more scatter as well as picking up some trees