Monday, 19 September 2022

Home made Stucco/Adobe Walls

I decided that I needed some Stucco/Adobe type walls for my games. 

I had some off cuts of plastic fascia board, so I decided that I would use these cut into 50mm strips at various lengths. 

I scribed some random brick patterns on these (I think that I may have overdone this 🤣) 
These were then mounted on suitable bits of plasticard with the edges roughly chamfered 

I then covered them with a glue & filler mix to add a base for the top coat. I then plastered them with some ready mixed filler for the render, leaving the brick pattern exposed. 

I cut larger pieces for entrance’s & carefully cut arches out of the plastic boarding. I also angled the tops so that cardboard ridge tiles could be glued in after rendering. 

They were then painted shades of beige & off white. 
Below are some test pictures of the walls set out as a small village with some bits of desert type terrain that I knocked up on a mat  just to see what it all looked like 😁
The 3 square buildings are plastic from Renedra, the large one with the striped awning is scratch built, started last century & been kicking about for years, I think it was originally for 40k, that’s why it’s oversize! The white building is an msg one painted by Orctrader that I picked up from him on LAF & the one with the big arch is a recent quick build by me from off cuts of foam board left over from the tenement build. The two market stalls are also scratch built from skewers, balsa & baby wipes. 

Edited Tuesday 20th

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Pulp Miniatures Size Comparison Pictures

 Simon has asked about the size of the 1st Corps miniatures compared to other figures, so here’s a few photos with different figures

Foundry, Artizan, 1st Corps, Warlord/BoltAction, What The?! Miniature’s 
Hasselfree, Citadel, 1st Corps, crooked Dice
Pulp, 1st Corps, Pulp
1st Corps, Partizan Freebie, 1st Corps, Black Cat, Foundry, Artizan
1st Corps, Wargames Atlantic, 1st Corps, Partizan Freebie, White Knight, 1st Corps
Pulp, Foundry, 1st Corps, Pulp, 1st Corps, Pulp

I must remember to put some handles on those doors 🤣🤣

Monday, 29 August 2022

WW2 Evil Bad Guys

 Some more miniature photo spam I’m afraid 🤣🤣

Here's a collection of Evil Bad Guys for Pulp & Weird War 2  

They are a mixture of Weird War Miniature’s now sadly OOP, Warlord Games, Artizan Designs & Wargsmes Foundry. Some have been painted for a few years & been rebased

. For some reason they have uploaded in a completely random order, I suppose that’s the problem with uploading them from my phone  

I just need the Feldpolizei figure from Wargames Foundry’s Armoured Kubelwagon, but I don’t want the vehicle only the figure so that won’t happen anytime soon!

Sunday, 28 August 2022

1st Corps Cultists & Charaters

 I’ve finally got a phone with a decent camera on it, so I thought that I had better start posting again & see how it goes 🤞

These are all from the Follies range sculpted by Mark Fuller. 

 Policemen, based on Will Hay & gang

Mechanic & figure that I use as a Customs officer 

The runaway couple

Cultists abducting someone in a carpet

Cultists with rifles

Cultists with pistols

Boy Scout Leader & Boy Scout

Monday, 30 May 2022

Wooden Model fishing Boat kit

 I picked up a model fishing boat kit from eBay, to use in Pulp & WW2 games. These had been recomended on the Pulp Alley players group!

These kits are supposed to be 1:50, but they aren’t! They are more like 1:76, below are the ‘instructions’.

Please be aware that if you are going to purchase one of these models, they are not for the faint hearted, they take some modeling skill.

It took me a while to build, as I was quickly got fed up with the dodgy instructions. 
I had to decide what to do about the small cabin & decided to cut it down & build up the lower part to be able to place a figure inside the cabin. To hide the joins I Added vertical strips of card to look like wood planking. I also hadn’t built the full hull, leaving off the last bits of planking to form a flat base.

 I also wasn't at all sure about how the rigging of the boat should look, so I searched about on the internet & found the picture below of a small fishing trawler & used this to rig the boat similarly.
Ive added bits of card & aluminium to the mast & rigging, I've also used some small brass 'hooks' to tie the ropes too, that are from model boat kits (I picked these up over 30yrs ago! So don't have a clue what they are from anymore)

Not being happy with the waterlining that I'd done, I decided to cut some more from the hull. 

Of course I then wasn't happy & so added some an extra layer of balsa to raise the bow, finally i was happy 😃

Anyway, I eventually chucked some paint at it & the finished boat is below.

I still have to name her, I think I call her 'Nellie' after the boat in Conrads Heart of Darkness book.

Dave at Pulp Alley is also having fun building one of these & a Chinese boat as well over on his Youtube channel