Monday, 30 May 2022

Wooden Model fishing Boat kit

 I picked up a model fishing boat kit from eBay, to use in Pulp & WW2 games. These had been recomended on the Pulp Alley players group!

These kits are supposed to be 1:50, but they aren’t! They are more like 1:76, below are the ‘instructions’.

Please be aware that if you are going to purchase one of these models, they are not for the faint hearted, they take some modeling skill.

It took me a while to build, as I was quickly got fed up with the dodgy instructions. 
I had to decide what to do about the small cabin & decided to cut it down & build up the lower part to be able to place a figure inside the cabin. To hide the joins I Added vertical strips of card to look like wood planking. I also hadn’t built the full hull, leaving off the last bits of planking to form a flat base.

 I also wasn't at all sure about how the rigging of the boat should look, so I searched about on the internet & found the picture below of a small fishing trawler & used this to rig the boat similarly.
Ive added bits of card & aluminium to the mast & rigging, I've also used some small brass 'hooks' to tie the ropes too, that are from model boat kits (I picked these up over 30yrs ago! So don't have a clue what they are from anymore)

Not being happy with the waterlining that I'd done, I decided to cut some more from the hull. 

Of course I then wasn't happy & so added some an extra layer of balsa to raise the bow, finally i was happy πŸ˜ƒ

Anyway, I eventually chucked some paint at it & the finished boat is below.

I still have to name her, I think I call her 'Nellie' after the boat in Conrads Heart of Darkness book.

Dave at Pulp Alley is also having fun building one of these & a Chinese boat as well over on his Youtube channel

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

The Escape - A Pulp Alley game

 Played The Escape with my oldest Lad (Fortnite was too bigger pull for my youngest πŸ˜”) 

This is part of what’s become our campaign searching for Professor Beauregard TΓΌx. 

The investigations of the leagues have led them from Britain to mainland Europe, but whilst investigating in Bavaria, two of the team leaders (The Spider-Man & Miss Marple) were apprehended & taken to a military detention centre, where their comrades had to break them out of prison.

Indiana Jones had escaped incarceration as he & the rest of The Princeton Special Research Team were searching for clues in the university of Budapest.   

The large red discs in some of the pictures are the perils, small yellow are the plot points & the small red ones are the Soldier spawn points.

We both managed to free our team leaders with minimal casualties (surprisingly!) 

The 3 'concrete' buidings are from Sarissa Precision.The 2 with the brick pillars are the same building, but on one of them I cut off the 'bike shed' & added the pillars to the front.

The prison cells are scratch built (see an earlier post) & I also made the guard tower.

The Generator & Control Panel are from Crooked Dice.

Sorry that the pictures are a bit muddled up

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Slum Tenement Building for Pulp Gaming part 3

 For part 3, I’ll start with the rear lean-to.

I made a frame from solid round plastic rod, that I had scraped along the length, to simulate a wood grain (as I did with the walls of the prison cells), I also did this to create the ballustrades, only on square rod.

 The walls were made from balsa & my patented home made wrinkly tin sheeting 😁

 I forgot to say that the chimneys were clad in some brick embossed plasticard, with some plastic tube for the pots. 
I glued all the walls together and glued them to some plasticard sheeting (that I’d bought some years ago to put some trenches on, & of course that never happened!) 

I made the court yard by making a little stamp from a plasticard offcut and some thin styrene sheet.
I then pressed this into some millput that I’d flattened out on the base at the rear to create the cortyard, I I deffinatley think it would have been easier if I had taken the time to make a roller rather than the press! 

I added flag stones to the bottom of the side steps by using some cereal packet card cut to the right size & glued to the base.
This was the final stage before painting. I tried to create a grubby cement render effect, which I think I achieved.
Well, finally here are some finished photos, the figure is from the excelent 1st Corps C20th Follies range, sculpted by Mark Fuller.


I hope you have all enjoyed the WIP posts of my build, though, I'm now thinking that I might have to build a row of outdoor privies to go with it next.

I dont know, as yet, how well I will do in the BSC2022, fingers crossed I will get to the final.



Friday, 1 April 2022

Slum Tenement Building for Pulp Gaming Part 2

 Well here’s part 2 of the build & part 3 will follow when the pictures  of the finished build have been on LAF for judging. 

Well the general consensus, was that the second drawing with the central section higher than the rest would be the best configuration for the build, also the eaves height was dropped down to above the windows (I didn’t take any photos though of this stage)

I started trying to make some windows & got fed up really quickly....... so I did a search on eBay & got some cracking mdf laser cut ones.

 I couldn’t get all of the windows quite the right size, so I trimmed off the frame along one edge to create a large window.

Next up I needed to make some doors. I did this by drawing out some doors in autocad, these were in 3 parts.

The full door in the frame, the door in the frame with the inserts cut out & the frame on its own. 

I printed these on thin card (see picture above) & glued them together in the previous order.


I made all the roof sections seperatley out of mounting board & cereal packet for the roof tiles.

I made good use of my lunch breaks at work to tile all the roof panels & made some chimney stacks from foamboard off cuts & Thick Card. these were made large so that a miniature can be placed ontop of them if needed.

The Catslide (mono-pitched) dormers have been made from foam board, mounting card & balsa


As can be seen below, when the above had been completed, I put everything together to get a feel of how it looked overall

Thats it for now, I will post the final part over the weekend (hopefully!)


Sunday, 27 March 2022

Slum Tenement Building for Pulp Gaming - Part 1

 Over on LAF, the yearly Build Something contest had been declared (this is a light hearted contest where everyone who enters makes something that vaguely resembles that years theme & you win nothing 🀣) with the the theme of rest! Which, to be fair, is a very broad theme. 

I had wanted some buildings from the lower end of town (wrong side of the tracks) & couldn’t find any pre-made ones that fitted the bill. So that was it, I decided to enter the competition and make what I had originally intended to be a slum dosshouse, but this got changed to tenement buildings!

 Below are the inspiration pictures that I found around the web


 I also decided that I wouldn’t be buying anything for this build, just using what I had kicking about left over from previous projects (you will just have to wait to see how that went!)

I sketched out a rough design, which can be seen below

After settling on the initial design which had already grown from a single building to a jumbled group of dwellings, hence the tenement rather than dosshouse.
 I did myself a full-size drawing on Autocad so that I could get all the panel sizes & started cutting out some foam board that i had left from build the mansion/museum (seen on some other posts), problem was, that after putting it all together, I then changed my mind on the design! 

I then tweeked the design to a few different versions & asked for peoples opinions on LAF & the bottom design was chosen.

Well thats it for now, I will post more soon

Friday, 28 January 2022


 I played a Solo game of Pulp Alley, doing the Rocket Science Scenario recently.

Really enjoyed this scenario, played with my Turnbotham Round Detectives League.

I decided to move one of the plot points, to inside the bunker & when I rolled for a random event, I rolled up a peril, so I used a German officer with an smg.

In this Scenario you have to question the NPC’s to find out which plot point you need to Investigate.


Sgt. Dudfoot managing to securing the Secret Rocket Fuel plot point

The scientist Plot point, in the Bunker

The Lab Assistant plot point

The Rocket Test Bed Plot Point

There is a special rule ‘Heightened Security’ which means that if you pull out a card with the alarm symbol on it you then have to ‘fight’ the NPC which means that the board then becomes a peril!