Thursday, 2 March 2023

Even More Figures For The Silver Bayonet

 Finished up some more troops and a bad guy for The Silver Bayonet 

A Highlander from Front Rank, 

2 Perry Miniatures Dismounted Light Dragoons to use as Infantrymen

A Light Dragoon to either be a  Supernatural investigator/Veteran Hunter, originally a musician, I cut off his bugle & added a Blunderbus. I do like the Idea of the Musician being the Supernatural Investigator, I like them having a specific uniform & it gives a use to those bugler miniatures that come in the Light Infantry packs  

Another figure that can be either a Veteran Hunter/Supernatural Investigator, I removed the cockade from his hat before painting.  Finally a Doctor, he has a Crooked Dice scientist head & an epaulette from modelling putty. I know that he is wearing an older type of uniform, but I do like that it distinguishes him from the other officers, both these Perry Miniatures are from the Royal Navy command pack, this pack that these last 2 figures come from is such a useful pack to buy & highly recommended.

Also a Pixie originally from Bears Head now sold by Bad Squiddo Games

& Picture of  all the figures to use in the Unit 

Sunday, 26 February 2023

More Figures for The Silver Bayonet

I Picked up some miniature for TSB at The Vapnartak show in York from Perry Miniatures, A British Light Infantry command pack (officers above), dismounted Dragoons & a Royal Navy command pack (still in progress ☹️),  as well some French. Annoyingly there wasn’t any Spanish Guerrillas on foot available. 

Any way here’s the rest of the painted pictures of the Light troops & all of the unit so far. The (95th Rifles officer isn't included, as to my eye he looks too small, so I wont be using him or any of the other Foundry 95th that I have) 

I also picked up some Nosferatu Vampires & Giant Wolves from Westwind Productions.

Here's the Wolves with a Bears Head Werewolf & Below a figure that I will use as a Black Dog from Ye Alchemist



Wednesday, 25 January 2023

First 2 Figures for The Silver Bayonet

 I managed to pick up a second hand copy of The Silver Bayonet a few weeks ago & I have been trying my best to avoid getting sucked into this game (especially as I had sold off my Flintloque collection ☹️)

Anyway I got some Foundry 95th Rifles so I painted up the Officer to lead my force  & got given the Mary Seacole miniature that was given away at one of the Partizan shows to use as an Ocultist  

I was also give some British Line Infantry, but they will need a repaint  

Saturday, 31 December 2022


 I picked up some terrain for my Christmas game from Poundland (a UK company) these stared out at £1 each then down to 2 for a £1 &  now at 25p each!

I got some little Elf houses, a Tree, a Sleigh, a chair & bench (these are both a bit big though)

I’ve quickly repainted most of the bits except for the bench & added bases to some of them. 

The figures are a Workshop Elf from Killer B Games & The Pulp Santa from Artizan. 

I also picked up some icicle & candy cane tree decorations from Yorkshire Trading. 

I broke up the icicles and based them to make scatter pieces & stuck the candy canes upright to make “Realm Gates” & more scatter as well as picking up some trees

Sunday, 18 December 2022


 Here’s some cards for the Workshop Elves & the List Keeper 

The List Keeper is the major plot point & the Toymakers are the minor ones

Wednesday, 14 December 2022


 I've created some Father Christmas Characters to play a Christmas game with the kids, using some Christmas miniatures from wargames Foundry & Artizan Designs that I have accumulated over the years.

I thought that I had add a bit about my reasoning behind the traits used. 
I gave the 3d10 shoot value as I think he’s had loads of practice with snowballs 🤣
The Agile trait to add +1 dodge, as he always manages to evade people looking for him. 
Revive as he’s gone on forever. 
Deductive as he always seems like a resourceful chap. 
I hope they are of use to some one out there. 
I will hopefully try to post the terrain & other Characters over the next week or two!

Monday, 19 September 2022

Home made Stucco/Adobe Walls

I decided that I needed some Stucco/Adobe type walls for my games. 

I had some off cuts of plastic fascia board, so I decided that I would use these cut into 50mm strips at various lengths. 

I scribed some random brick patterns on these (I think that I may have overdone this 🤣) 
These were then mounted on suitable bits of plasticard with the edges roughly chamfered 

I then covered them with a glue & filler mix to add a base for the top coat. I then plastered them with some ready mixed filler for the render, leaving the brick pattern exposed. 

I cut larger pieces for entrance’s & carefully cut arches out of the plastic boarding. I also angled the tops so that cardboard ridge tiles could be glued in after rendering. 

They were then painted shades of beige & off white. 
Below are some test pictures of the walls set out as a small village with some bits of desert type terrain that I knocked up on a mat  just to see what it all looked like 😁
The 3 square buildings are plastic from Renedra, the large one with the striped awning is scratch built, started last century & been kicking about for years, I think it was originally for 40k, that’s why it’s oversize! The white building is an msg one painted by Orctrader that I picked up from him on LAF & the one with the big arch is a recent quick build by me from off cuts of foam board left over from the tenement build. The two market stalls are also scratch built from skewers, balsa & baby wipes. 

Edited Tuesday 20th

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Pulp Miniatures Size Comparison Pictures

 Simon has asked about the size of the 1st Corps miniatures compared to other figures, so here’s a few photos with different figures

Foundry, Artizan, 1st Corps, Warlord/BoltAction, What The?! Miniature’s 
Hasselfree, Citadel, 1st Corps, crooked Dice
Pulp, 1st Corps, Pulp
1st Corps, Partizan Freebie, 1st Corps, Black Cat, Foundry, Artizan
1st Corps, Wargames Atlantic, 1st Corps, Partizan Freebie, White Knight, 1st Corps
Pulp, Foundry, 1st Corps, Pulp, 1st Corps, Pulp

I must remember to put some handles on those doors 🤣🤣