Thursday, 2 March 2023

Even More Figures For The Silver Bayonet

 Finished up some more troops and a bad guy for The Silver Bayonet 

A Highlander from Front Rank, 

2 Perry Miniatures Dismounted Light Dragoons to use as Infantrymen

A Light Dragoon to either be a  Supernatural investigator/Veteran Hunter, originally a musician, I cut off his bugle & added a Blunderbus. I do like the Idea of the Musician being the Supernatural Investigator, I like them having a specific uniform & it gives a use to those bugler miniatures that come in the Light Infantry packs  

Another figure that can be either a Veteran Hunter/Supernatural Investigator, I removed the cockade from his hat before painting.  Finally a Doctor, he has a Crooked Dice scientist head & an epaulette from modelling putty. I know that he is wearing an older type of uniform, but I do like that it distinguishes him from the other officers, both these Perry Miniatures are from the Royal Navy command pack, this pack that these last 2 figures come from is such a useful pack to buy & highly recommended.

Also a Pixie originally from Bears Head now sold by Bad Squiddo Games

& Picture of  all the figures to use in the Unit 

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