Tuesday 18 July 2023

A Few More Bits for The Silver Bayonet

 I've slowly been working on some Bad Guys for The Silver Bayonet & been very slack in posting (as usual) 

Some Gripping Beast (Front Rank, Woodbine Design) WoR Foot Knights to use as Living Armour, A Converted Archduke Charles into a Headless horseman & some Scary Scarecrows.

There's a Wild Boar? from Reaper, I think.

Some 3d printed Bat Swarms from Only Games

A CP Models Plague Doctor to use as an Occultist with the French

Some actual official miniatures from North Star, Bloodless Hounds, Revenants & Living Scarecrows

& Finally some Alternative Armies, Flintloque Orcs to use as Hobgoblins & a converted Ogre to use as a Troll (or Ogre)