Monday, 19 September 2022

Home made Stucco/Adobe Walls

I decided that I needed some Stucco/Adobe type walls for my games. 

I had some off cuts of plastic fascia board, so I decided that I would use these cut into 50mm strips at various lengths. 

I scribed some random brick patterns on these (I think that I may have overdone this 🤣) 
These were then mounted on suitable bits of plasticard with the edges roughly chamfered 

I then covered them with a glue & filler mix to add a base for the top coat. I then plastered them with some ready mixed filler for the render, leaving the brick pattern exposed. 

I cut larger pieces for entrance’s & carefully cut arches out of the plastic boarding. I also angled the tops so that cardboard ridge tiles could be glued in after rendering. 

They were then painted shades of beige & off white. 
Below are some test pictures of the walls set out as a small village with some bits of desert type terrain that I knocked up on a mat  just to see what it all looked like 😁
The 3 square buildings are plastic from Renedra, the large one with the striped awning is scratch built, started last century & been kicking about for years, I think it was originally for 40k, that’s why it’s oversize! The white building is an msg one painted by Orctrader that I picked up from him on LAF & the one with the big arch is a recent quick build by me from off cuts of foam board left over from the tenement build. The two market stalls are also scratch built from skewers, balsa & baby wipes. 

Edited Tuesday 20th

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